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The Launch Of Agrommerce.

Thought for food (TFF) challenge will ask, how do you intend to feed 90 billion people by 2050? Think! In Nigeria, people in rural areas always complained about infrastructures which incapacitates them. The major problem of perishability, scares farmers from producing more yet we complain of scarcity. Agrommerce had been a dream till the emergence of Roar Nigeria, after series of pitches and workshops. Our passion is to let food producers and food processors know that they could produce and process more for food consumers all over the globe. For food producers, perishability is a constant challenge. Every year, these same producers try to process their products to add value and prevent spoilage. But, every region has agricultural products for which it has comparative advantage. This is especially true in Nigeria. The problem of scarcity can solve the problem of wastage which is why we must scale to solve this problem.